Invention of Electronic Cigarettes

With the invention of electronic cigarettes many people tried these cigarettes to help them in quitting the smoking habit but there came many critical statements about the concept of electric cigarettes. We should not case our opinion on supposed things and should investigate the actual things to make a proper reasoning. There have been many benefits of electronic cigarettes and asking the question, do electric cigarettes encourage you to smoke is baseless because electronic cigarettes are meant to help in quoting the smoke habit, and not increasing that!

The basic problem that varies is the will power; different people have different level of will power and that is why it becomes difficult to analyses the thing in actual figures. You cannot give an exact report on the fact that electronic cigarettes actually helps to quit the smoking because many people who tried this just failed to quit the habit of their cigarette smoking due to the lack of their will power.

Do electric cigarettes encourage you to smoke? This question should be asked when you have put your complete will power in quitting the cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes alone cannot do any magic; these will require a support from you if you really want to quit the smoking. Science cannot compel but can only assist you. Electronic cigarettes are perfect in assisting you in quitting the smoking because they cause no harm to your lungs and other body parts. The best [part of these cigarettes is that these actually do not burn any tobacco and that is why no chances of cancer are present. If you start smoking electronic cigarettes and your psychological needs are fulfilled with this then you surely would be able to quit the real smoking in some time. Slowly, you will start getting independent of cigarettes because your nicotine will be fulfilled with the help of electronic cigarettes. Now if you will really decide to quit real smoking, nothing will be able to become a hindrance!

Electronic cigarettes came with a motive to help people quit smoking and they were never meant to encourage people to smoke more. Only a great piece of will power will help you quit smoking in any case. Do electric cigarettes encourage you to smoke? The answer to this question is a no because these have been made with a good intention and not to encourage people to smoke more. These assist you in quitting smoking with the passage of time.