Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes a lot of people have started using them. Their popularity has increased immensely. In the UK, many individuals are fond of them. They are considered as a much safer alternative to tobacco smoking. Tobacco has been known to be harmful to individuals. It has been associated with numerous diseases, some of which lead to death. Some experts have stated that the electronic cigarettes are safer as compared to tobacco because they contain minimal toxins. Regardless of this, the possibility of restrictions against it being imposed is very high.

There are several issues that have been raised that do not favor the commodity. Some people believe that that it is a gateway drug that will eventually push a person to start smoking. They have been purchased by non smokers and even teenagers have been using them. The stylish nature of the products is viewed as an aspect that will lead young people to start smoking.

Manufactures and some experts, however, support its use. They believe that the product can help serious smokers to quit smoking. There are many individuals who have supported this claim by stating that the product has helped them to curb smoking. They have even recommended it to their counterparts who are having a hard time quitting. There are some individuals who are still skeptical. They believe that the only way that smoking can be stopped is by the use of the chewing gum or a smoking patch.

The move by France to ban electronic cigarettes in public areas will have a big influence on the measures that the UK will adopt. The fact that it has been restricted in the country will make the UK to reevaluate its stand on the product. France is planning to extend the ban on smoking in public places that it implemented in 2007 to include them. The French health minister recently announced the news at a press conference that was meant to mark World No Tobacco Day, which is an international effort aimed at raising awareness for smoking dangers.

The most that the UK government can do is to impose bans that are meant to regulate it. No studies have pointed to anything that makes the product extremely harmful. By all viewpoints it is still better than Tobacco. The product is still being evaluated and until some substantial information that will discredit the product is found, people will still be able to enjoy them in the UK.